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Middlesex Development League Campaign 2024

Middlesex Development League Campaign 2024

Andy Carswell19 Jan - 16:51
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Today we caught up with new MDL captain Robbie to hear his thoughts on all things MDL ahead of the 2024 season.

Hi all, Rob Devenney here.

Firstly, can I take this opportunity to put on record what a magnificent job George Colley did leading the MDL for the last two season, George truly inspired and developed the next generation of young cricketers at Hornsey. We could see the results of George’s efforts by watching a variety of our young cricketers perform at senior level. George, on behalf of Hornsey CC, thank you for your time and efforts, it has truly made a difference!

It gives me so much pride in being appointed MDL captain for 2024. I joined this great club in 2007 at the tender age of 14 and have experienced playing for Hornsey as a colt and now a senior cricketer. I have a personal connection with this competition, in which I had the great honour and privilege in captaining an unbelievable bunch of talented cricketers for five seasons (2015-2020). We had tremendous success in those five campaigns, reaching back-to-back finals in 2017, 2018 (which we won the trophy) and 2019, including two semi-finals in 2015 and 2016. However, I was very fortunate in that period as most of the young cricketers who were apart of the MDL played either 1st and 2nd Xl cricket, so the quality of cricket was incredibly high and we had the resources to compete in the competition for most of those five campaigns.

This new phase of the MDL will be very different to the one I captained in between 2015 to 2020. As I will aim to focus more on the development of the players rather than the overall results, which is vital when it comes to learning. As a man who works in education, I fully understand the importance of using this competition as a vehicle to breed young cricketers and develop their skillset. As a passionate educator, I will use all of my teaching/coaching skills and experience to develop the basics of the game and enhance cricketing knowledge whilst breeding the confidence. Not least I will show through my actions what it takes to be a Hornsey cricketer and not just a cricketer who plays for Hornsey! (Famous Johnny Bruce words).

I am very much looking forward to working with our next generation with young cricketers and seeing them progress into senior cricket. I would like to thank the club for trusting me to take on such an important role!


Robbie D.

Fixtures for MDL 2024

1 – Sunday 16th June 2024

Hornsey vs Finchley – 1pm start.

2 – Sunday 23rd June 2024

Southgate vs Hornsey 2024 – 1pm start.

3 – Sunday 30th June 2024

Stoke Newington vs Hornsey – 1pm start.

4 – Sunday 7th July 2024

Hornsey vs Southgate – 1pm start.

5 – Sunday 14th July 2024

Hornsey vs Enfield – 1pm start.

6 – Sunday 21st July 2024

Finchley vs Hornsey – 1pm start.

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