Whistleblowing Policy

The following information is based on guidelines provided by the ECB. 

Hornsey Cricket Club (“Hornsey”) is committed to developing a culture where it is safe and acceptable for all those involved in cricket to raise concerns about unacceptable practice and misconduct. 

If anyone associated with Hornsey feels that something is wrong it is important to feel able to express those concerns. No one should be put off out of a belief that this would be disloyal to the club, coaches or managers, or you may fear harassment, victimisation or disadvantage.

Those involved in the sport must acknowledge their individual responsibilities to bring matters of concern to the attention of team managers, team captains or the club welfare office.  Although this can be difficult it is particularly important where the welfare of children may be at risk.

Reasons for whistleblowing

Each individual has a responsibility for raising concerns about unacceptable practice or behaviour:

  • To prevent the problem worsening or widening.

  • To protect or reduce risk to others.

  • To prevent becoming implicated yourself.

What stops people from whistleblowing?
  • Starting a chain of events which spirals.

  • Disrupting the work or training.

  • Fear of getting it wrong.

  • Fear of repercussions of damaging careers. 

  • Fear of not being believed.

What happens if a concern is raised?
  • All concerns will be treated in confidence.  During the process of investigating the matter, every effort will be made to keep the identity of those raising the concern anonymous.

  • The club welfare officer and, Middlesex County Welfare Officer and the ECB have a responsibility to protect you from harassment of victimisation.

  • No action will be taken against you if the concern proves to be unfounded and was raised in good faith.

  • Malicious allegations may be considered a disciplinary offence.​


Any concerns regarding the above should be raised to the team manager, captain or Club Welfare Officer.


Written: March 2017