Transport Policy

The following guidelines are based on those provided by the ECB. 

The ECB requires all cricket clubs to have a policy on transporting children to and from matches and training. 
It is parents/carers responsibility to ensure the safe delivery and collection of their child for matches or training. 
Coaches and club staff will be responsible for children in their care when on the club premises or on arrival at opponents’ cricket grounds.

It is not the responsibility of the coach or team manager to transport, or arrange to transport, the children to and from the club or match.

The club must receive permission from parents/carers for children to participate in all competitions and away fixtures/events (player profile form).

For away matches a “pick up and drop off” scheme can operate from the Hornsey Cricket Club whereby parents/carers give their consent for other parents/carers to transport children to away matches and return them back to the club afterwards. 
Managers/captains should always have contact details of parent/carers in case of late collection. No child should be left alone at the club before or after a match.

Any concerns regarding the above should be raised to the team manager, captain or Club Welfare Officer.

Written: June 2014
Reviewed: September 2017