150 years, not out!

Updated: Mar 31

2020 is the Club’s 150th anniversary. A dinner in a marquee at the ground is being planned for a date during the season next year – further details to follow.

Hornsey CC was actually formed on 26th October 1869 at a meeting in the Maynard Arms, when two clubs (Hanover CC and Phoenix CC) agreed to a merger and the merged Club was to be called Hornsey CC.

To celebrate this, we will be holding an informal get together at the very same place, 150 years to the day that the club was formed.

So please come for drinks from 6pm on Saturday 26th October 2019 at the Maynard Arms, Park Road, Crouch End. Hornsey blazers and ties are encouraged. Wives, girlfriends, significant others are also encouraged. Please do make every effort to attend, even if only en route to any other engagements you may have.

In the Club’s formative years, the Maynard Arms acted as Hornsey’s pavilion. The original ground was roughly where the junction of Tivoli Road and Wolseley Road now is, and the Maynard was used as a changing facility and for the storage of Club equipment.

It would be helpful if you would indicate whether you will be attending so that we can forewarn the Maynard so they can have enough staff.


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