Late Collection Policy

It is the responsibility of parents and carers to ensure that all children are collected from cricket training and matches punctually. Hornsey CC is not responsible for transporting children home when parents or carers have been delayed.


If there is an unavoidable delay due to an emergency it is the responsibility of the parent or carer to contact the cricket coach or team manager to inform them of the delay. Arrangements should be made by the parent or carer for another responsible adult to collect their child, the coach or manager should be contacted so that they know who will be collecting the child.


However, in cases of late collection, staff and volunteers must:


  • Attempt to contact the parent/carer on their contact number.

  • Attempt to contact parent/carer on the alternative contact number provided.

  • Staff and volunteers should wait with the child at the ground with at least one other staff/volunteer or parent present.

In cases of late collection, staff and volunteers must not:

  • Take the child home or to another location.

  • Send the child home with another person, without obtaining the consent of the child’s parent/carer.

  • Wait with the child in a vehicle or at the ground with you alone.

  • Allow the child to wait unattended until the parent or a representative arrives.


If parents or carers are happy for children under the age of 14 to travel home from training and matches unaccompanied they should notify the club in writing.

Any concerns regarding the above should be raised to the team manager, captain or Club Welfare Officer.

Written March 2015
Reviewed September 2017